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A pimped out punjabi indian man, who drives an 89 camry.
"Look! There goes bagass!"
by Gugan January 24, 2007
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Who fucking knows anymore? First, it meant factual, and now it means fictional. What the fuck, internet... what the fuck?
wrong-->"Oh my god, Jessica, your post literally scared me to death" right--> "I literally wrote this post at 3:04 A.M."
by Deathmatch1127 April 14, 2015
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A game commonly played by Catholic priests; usually involving under aged boys.
"I dare say Father Vittoli, I have the ache in my loins and little johnney appears to be ripe. Lets have a round of Bag Ass, shall we?
by Fizzledizzle February 29, 2004
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Extremely necessary to have a gay row.
Dude, we can't have a gay row with out a bagass!
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
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A term to describe an ass that is as wrinkly (if not more than) as a Wal-Mart shopping bag.
Got with this girl last night, only to find out that she got a mad case of bag-ass!
by TheGreatAndPowerfulOg January 09, 2018
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