A term that defines someone who has indeed never been with a baddie.
Yo dude! I nevuh been wit a baddie, she calm so I add her to the tally.
by Nevuh been wit a baddie February 11, 2022
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a baddie (hot girl) that rides the short bus (school bus for specially abled kids).
common alternative to "short bus shorty"
"your girl is stupid" "yeah, right? she a short bus baddie"
by autismusstiller June 20, 2023
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Someone who is a vintage type person but wears the most badarse clothing that makes them look like an insta baddie with a retro twist.
I'm such an 80's Baddie. It's my aesthetic lmao
by mis.match.2707 July 31, 2020
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wow baddie!!!

Like that boy is a cap, sayin' he home but I know where he at, like
Bet he blowin' her back
Thinkin' 'bout me 'cause he know that ass fat (damn)
And it been what it been (uh, huh)
Callin' his phone like, "Yo, send me your PIN"
Duckin' my shit, 'cause he know what I'm on (grrah)
But when he hit me I'm not gon' respond (grrah)
But I don't sleep enough without you
And I can't eat enough without you (huh)
If you don't speak, does that mean we're through? (Huh)
Don't like sneaky shit that you do (grrah)
The-the boy's a liar, the boy's a liar
He doesn't see ya, you're not looking at me, boy
The boy's a liar, the boy's a liar
He doesn't see ya, you're not looking at me, boy
Good eno-o-ough, good eno-o-ough
by cryptic rock May 16, 2023
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The 13th of December is National baddie day. The most baddest bitches will most likely to be named Kylee or Kimberly, and they will eat no matter what. Tell all of your friends it’s National Baddie Day!
Hey Kinley, I’m better than you cause my name is on “National Baddie Day”
by Kyleeedddd December 14, 2021
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Two bad bitches, ruling Trondheim City. They are fashionable, trendy, sexy, irresistible and always elegant. They do crazy shit, but always get away with it. They are the Centre of the city, the life of the party, the cherry on top. They are the Trond Town Baddies.
Omg! Look over there! They are the Trond Town Baddies!!
by Trondtownbaddie1 April 16, 2020
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