A confident female. Normally she will be found on Instagram, eyebrows filled in darkly and posing in a badass position. Dressed to impress, her comment section will be loaded with "Queen"s and "Yaas"s. In some occassion, Baddie's are iconically cool, other times their makeup is done to level of extra that is too extreme.
Me: Maria is such a TC.
You: Yeah, have you seen her Instagram. She's such a baddie. Has 100 followers
by IsACoolBean November 19, 2018
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A baddie is somebody who is confident, and doesn't care about what anybody has to say about them, they mostly wear their branded or glamourous tops with cargo pants or ripped jeans... Don't neccasarily have to be instagram famous but their selfie game is really strong, so is their outfit game.. <3
Person 1 : I wish I was a baddie!
Person 2 : We all do sis...
by __x.lizzy October 20, 2019
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A baddie is an attractive yet intimidating woman with her own unique sort of edge.
When she steps into a room or crowd, her appearance, attitude, and or body language demands attention.
The term could be seen as a modern way of saying Femme Fatale or Mantrap.
"Kaine From Nier and Zero from Drakengard are such fucking baddies"
by Doomswagger September 28, 2020
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"Bruh you see Monica? She fye!"

"I know. She's a baddie!"
by It's yo mom April 27, 2016
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A baddie is someone (stereotypically a girl). They are confident and don't take shit from anyone. The reason baddies are found to be really pretty is because of their confidence.

She is extremely independent and even if they have a boyfriend she will tuck out her own chair, re-fill her own drink and by her self gifts. Most of the time they would be hated my some jealous bitches but that is a HUGE power move.

A baddie will never leave the house without mascara/lashes and/or lipgloss.

She can fully take care of herself.
by Bbyhe.heaven August 21, 2021
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A common, non-boss enemy in a video game. Defined as early as in the original Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo Entertainment System instruction booklet.
Beware! The following are deadly: Bumping into members of the Turtle Tribe and other baddies. Walking into flames...

-Super Mario Bros. Instruction Booklet, page 10.
by Soleijhee May 7, 2012
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Omg Emily is such a baddie. She just said no to the teacher.
by StrawberryGlow April 4, 2022
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