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A shorter term for the word that emerged from Negro in the 1800s, nigger. It can also mean "happy people". It is pronounced how "near" is. Also, I know by experience that it can really piss a teacher off when said constantly.
That nier stole my pencil!
Were those indians "near" Lake Mead?
Ms. Nier Meetz! Can I please read now?
by x702 WAYNEHEADx February 14, 2009
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A term used to refer to a nigger without actually calling them a nigger. Simply is the word with the g's removed to confuse the nier
Man niers never prove me wrong, always acting stupid
by WhiteChoclate September 29, 2009
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Quik and spiced up way of sayin nigga... or homie.
What up nier.
by CoDy February 12, 2004
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It's the way white people spell "nigger" or "nigga" without actually spelling/saying it to avoid negative attention from African Americans.
(Status update on Facebook): "I'm gettin' crunk tonight, nier!"
by Vanic28 February 26, 2013
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