Dumb girl: Like omg! I was just listening to "Baby" by Justin Bieber!
Smart girl: You listen to bad music all day, you're such a teeny bopper.
by pancakes taste good September 28, 2010
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noise usually including instruments and sometimes vocals that makes you want to stab in your eardrums. this noise is not ear-candy.
listen to that bad music
by etchasketch January 7, 2004
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the upcoming musical venture between rap phenomenons Young Sneezy and Jay-Zan
Randolph: Yo where you be gettin yo' beats from
Theodore: For the realest music, go to BAD Music LTD
by Jay-Zan January 17, 2011
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A term usually labeled upon musicians by obnoxious teenagers.

(Some teenager) Dude, have you heard the latest fallout boy song?

(Musician) No, those guys suck. They have no variety in their music and their excuse for a guitarist just plays a few simple power chords throughout their songs. I doubt he could play a single sweep arpeggio if his life depended on it.

(Some Teenager) Dude, you have terrible taste in music.

(Musician) What makes you say that?

(Some teenager) their singer sounds cool, and they have bitchin lyrics.

(Musician)Lyrics are the easiest part of making music, and singers are the most overrated and most replaceable part of any band. The skill and quality lies with the people playing the insturments, and the people writing and arranging the music riffs as a whole, fallout boy fails at both.

(Some teenager) Hi jim! I see you have the latest soulja boy cd! (I stopped listening to that guy after 3 words.)

(Jim) Naw, this is the latest from miley cyrus.

(Musician) Wow, and he says I'm the one with bad music taste.
by StxSEPH February 15, 2009
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