being awkwardly shaped; upper body and lower body not equally proportionate to each other; having a gut and tiny legs.
Dave: You saw that sexy thing that just passed by?
Jeff: No , that girl was nasty looking.
Dave: Well , i admit she was kind of bad built.
by Maria Anna Bell May 3, 2011
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1. When one individual is incompetent of having self-respect or morals and just not loving yourself enough.

2. You just ugly and need to workout.
Aubrey: Did you see that bitch Clementine over there?
Josie: Yeah, she needs to change that name and go to the gym because that hoe is BAD BUILT!
by bigbootybitch3000 June 8, 2018
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A fine ass female who got a valid structure,like a race car or sum.
Random guy#1: Aye cuz you see dat fine ass bih right there.
Random guy#2:hell yea G she got Bad Built.
by King of the Class Clowns April 28, 2020
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when a girl has big breast and a small butt
John: dang she has some big breast
Fred: man that girl bad built af
by December 3, 2020
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If she’s a B.B.B. It’s an acronym for a bad built bitch. When you see her, whether it’s with or without clothes the proportions are just mind boggling. No, not to be confused with a bbw or an ssbbw. This bitch is certifiably disproportionate. She may have an overly large chest but they’re deflated. Also a large midsection to go along with it with very small legs is common. They mostly look like Spongebob but can also look like Patrick. It is hard to focus on what they are saying because they will most likely be wearing something revealing. Thus further accentuating and displaying physical attributes you would rather not have seen. By all means let her be proud and confident. But make no mistake, She’s a b.b.b., triple b or 3b.
What she look like She bad? Nah bruh she a Bad Built Bitch. Her upper body is big and her legs are small.

Don’t be fooled my boy she’s a triple b, she flat in all the good parts and wide.
by MeChi6 March 19, 2022
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