2 definitions by Maria Anna Bell

being awkwardly shaped; upper body and lower body not equally proportionate to each other; having a gut and tiny legs.
Dave: You saw that sexy thing that just passed by?
Jeff: No , that girl was nasty looking.
Dave: Well , i admit she was kind of bad built.
by Maria Anna Bell May 3, 2011
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having pretty eyes , even pretty nipples , but when you clothes are removed you look like a pickle. ( in the words of a Baton Rouge rapper Nussie )

a very very badly shaped person who is very round at the top and had the butt of the bottom of a bell pepper
Khia: dang we in a room full of bell peppers.
Olivia : the world , is a bell pepper?
Khia : *points finger* that chick there there there and even that man.
by Maria Anna Bell July 15, 2011
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