When doing a girl from behind (doggie style) take out an already prepared BBQ meal (preferably ribs or pulled pork) and use her back as a table and plate.
Hey Bill, I gave my girl a backyard BBQ.
by Wolfpoc August 12, 2006
First, period sex to marinate the meat, then pull out and switch to anal for the grillin, then time to eat, a bloody poopy bj..mmm mmm mmm.
After the backyard BBQ, girl needed a breath mint.
by Eohippus May 12, 2017
A sexual act using bbq sauce as anal lubricant.
I bought a huge bottle of KC Masterpiece at Costco for the backyard bbq I'm having later. The entire football team is coming!
by ZombieTentacles May 21, 2016
This is when the leftover bbq sauce from a take out order is use to cover the anus in and around it. Then one bbq loving individual eats the bbq covered buttocks!
Lonnie and Megan made a backyard bbq pit with all the leftover sauce from there dinner!
by Redraw28 May 8, 2017
When your girl is reluctant to eat your ass out, pour bbq sauce down your crack and let her go to town.
She wouldn’t eat my ass unless I gave her the backyard bbq.
by Murmage April 7, 2020
The best ever BBQ group on Facebook! BBQ, smoking, grilling, etc. A family of outdoor cooking enthusiasts!
"yo bro, you gonna get in on this backyard BBQ heroes challenge?"
by DrunkenMeatGriller November 17, 2019