The term used by someone to indicate they want their freight transported for next to nothing
“If anyone needs a backload to Brisbane, I’ve got a non running Tractor & few pallets to be picked up in Bairnsdale that I need brought up ASAP”
by TonesStories May 11, 2022
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Continuing to drink at home after getting home from a bar. The opposite of frontloading, where you drink at home before you go out.
"Dude, you were really wasted last night at OJ's. You must have done some frontloading."

"Yeah, but when I got home I started backloading and it got worse. I woke up in the bathtub."
by Commentator X August 28, 2009
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to take a few drinks at a pub, and come back home and drink heavily so as to avoid huge pub expenses.
He never gets drunk at pubs because he has made it a point to backload at home.
by uttam maharjan June 24, 2010
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to download. Used exclusively by retarded web developers and computer illiterate folk
Developer 1: Where is the latest version of spacer.gif
Developer 2: just backload it from the live server
by RickST October 4, 2010
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The Russian backloader is a sex act in which the giving end spreads the anus of the receiving end (Normally female) with his/her fingers. The dom then proceeds to insert pastries and/or different dry foods into the anus of the dominated partner. The couple then engages in vaginal pleasure until the dominated partner is approaching ejaculation, at which point they ejaculate into the mouth of the dominator while simultaneously excreting the inserted pastries or other foods. Usually a very mess oriented occasion.
“Hey bro, my girl and I tried the Russian backloader last night”
“Awesome! What was it like?”
“It was erotic af ngl
by FineWineForTwo September 18, 2020
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