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The act of attacking and killing an enemy (in the face) with a blunt object. (Usually the butt of a gun)

-- This nonsensical phrase is most often used to confuse and grief players of popular video games. Originally created and used in Halo 2, this phrase is quickly becoming a popular edition to the "Lemon juice in an open wound" style of trash talk.

-- An annoying term used against an opponent to cause confusion and disarray. It is generally followed by "Too easy! Sit the fuck down!"

-- An equivalence of: Your Mom, pWnEd, and Fucking Noob!
1. Gamer "X" Beat down Gamer "Y" in the "BACK OF THE FACE"

2. (after killing an opponent, said in rapid succession) - "BACK OF THE FACE!, BACK OF THE FACE!, BACK OF THE FACE!"

3. (Followed by subsequent insults) - "BACK OF THE FACE!, TOO EASY!, SIT THE FUCK DOWN!"

4. (After receiving a "back of the face" death,) - "That doesn't even make sense you cant hit someone in the back of the face!"

5. (After receiving a "back of the face" death,) - Your mom's a back of the face..."

6. (After receiving a "back of the face" death,) That doesn't even make sense, what the fuck is the "back of the face?"
by E. Wilk, Tom. H November 30, 2007
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