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When multiple males ejaculate into a container. Then a woman (the dealer) take the container and ours all of the cum into her vagina.

In nine months, the man who is the father of the baby is the winner(or loser).
Bro #1 - "Dude I found out my baby roulette results today"

Bro #2 - "What happened"

Bro #1 - "I won!"

Bro #2 - "Sorry to hear that bro"
by Mister Big Sacks January 02, 2011
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When a guy and a girl have unprotected sex and he cums inside her, both of them knowing she's not on any birth control. It's just a random shot in the dark, so to speak, not actually trying to conceive a child, but nonetheless playing with fire and knowing pregnency is a definite possibility (yet not caring). This is baby roulette.
Me and Rob played baby roulette last night... guess we'll find out in 5 weeks if we won or lost!
by vanessaJ.Lutz July 13, 2009
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When 3 or more males each ejaculate in the females vagina giving one of the males taking part a child 9 months later sort of like a game of Russian Roulette but using a different gun
'Hey man, we should totally play baby roulette with Yasbae tonight''
'Yeah, definitely dude'
by Sweg123456 April 22, 2015
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When two brothers (typically Arabs) sleep with the same woman and cum inside her. Then nine months later, they see who the baby daddy is. Typically, DNA tests are necessary and keep the suspense going longer.
I'm playing baby roulette with ur wife tonight.
by Engerland May 26, 2011
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A nine month long game where a group of male friends (preferably of different ethnic backgrounds) have unprotected sex with a single female. The males do not ejaculate inside of the female however the males precum is bound to makes it way to the egg and impregnate the female.

In about nine months a baby should be due. The race of the baby of which corresponds to that of the father is deemed the loser.
Hey guys, wanna play baby roulette with _________?

Dude, baby roulette was a bad idea...
by DeeDubsDeeEmm September 20, 2010
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Playing Baby Roulette is having sexual intercourse while not utilizing contraceptives. Baby Roulette is mostly considered the "pull-out" method, but it can be any situation where there is a possibility of rearing a child.
Dude: "Man, I'm sweating so hard.. Lady and I were playing baby roulette and she missed her rag."
Dude 2: "Rough dude, you should wrap that shit up!"

Father: "Son, I know you are an adult now, but be a man: never play baby roulette."
by Rime Hoarfrost October 02, 2010
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the act of buying 6 condoms and poking a hole through the middle of 3 of them, then placing all 6 in a bowl and picking a random one. after picking a random one using it to have sex with a female. after couple weeks the female takes a pregnancy test to see if you one or not.
you: the results are in i lost baby roulette.
a friend: your fucked.
by ericstotle January 11, 2012
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