(n) the condition wherein the biological drive to have a baby morphs into a neurotic obsession to have a baby by any means necessary. The obsession consumes the sufferers' thoughts and activities to the exclusion of all else. Usually effects women in their late thirties and early forties.
"Used to be that every time I saw a baby something inside me stirred, but now I have spent $60,000 on fertility treatments and driven my husband, friends and family mad with my baby rabies. I don't know what to do!" she said.

"Let it go!" she replied.
by no way baby June 26, 2009
(n) the name given to the lapse of sanity in which a person feels that s/he absolutely MUST have a baby in the very near future, and will often go to great lengths to get pregnant and will bitch constantly about wanting a baby in the meantime. Usually happens in women, but men get it occasionally, as well.
Crazy person: "Oh my GOD! If I don't have a baby soon it will be too late and I will be unfulfilled! I want a baby right now!"
Sane person: *shakes head* "Worst cast of baby rabies I ever saw..."
by Child Hatter May 21, 2003
This is what you call someone after they have taken your load in their mouth. This is due to the whiteness looking similarly to rabid dog frothing at the mouth with rabies.
"Aw yeah you're my little Rabie-Baby"

"Keith sucked my cock and was a little Rabie-Baby"
by Big Mommy Mikers April 23, 2021
When a person's mouth is full of semen. They are called a rabie-baby because the whiteness of the semen is similar to a dog frothing at the mouth with rabies.
"Aw yeah you're my little rabie-baby"
"Keith was such a rabie-baby last night"
by Big Mommy Mikers April 23, 2021
Carl:ur mum gay
Benjamin: ur dad lesbian
Carl: ur granny tranny
Benjamin: ur niece obese
Carl: don't make me do it
Benjamin: bet
Carl: ur babies got rabies
Benjamin: ... *gets sucked up by a black hole and is never to be heard from again*
by u bettr sutp March 24, 2019
a cross between a pigeon and a rat
guy 1: hey look at that monster over there
guy 2: that not a monster that just a rabie baby