Supplement to the honeymoon and baby shower. Mandatory vacation for both parents before the live birth of a child. Maybe a weekend, maybe a week. Requires the male end of conception to pay for all expenses out of his pocket. Travel, lodging, preferably at a seaside hotel, and gifts (to the mother to be, not the baby,) are an absolute necessity. Eases away the stress and woe of pregnancy.
Preggers Newlywed: I've just found out. A week after the honeymoon, I'm 4 weeks prganant! Can you believe? Time to plan a baby moon!
by dustruffle April 3, 2008
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You know that feeling you get laying down in the sand and the sand is covering you like a gay ass Blanket
Bro that’s feels like Baby Moon Pie Shit
by BreezyRang February 14, 2018
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Moon babies originated from the show Teletubbies. The Moon Baby is the moon from the show, with a picture of a babies face on the moon. But, moon babies have been around before earth existed. They are believed to have created the solar system by coughing up their food. The tides are NOT controlled by the moon, they are controlled by Moon Babies using a spoon to push the water around. Sun babies are NOT REAL. ONLY MOON BABIES ARE REAL. Any picture of a sun baby is FAKE. Moon Babies are what gives us life.
Sun babies are fake. Only Moon Babies are real.
by Moon Babies March 5, 2019
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any person that practices religion (particularly wiccan) in the night
the girl was a total moon-baby, practicing magic at midnight every full moon-
by megalo-maniacle May 13, 2009
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refers to june or july cancers. the zodiac cancer is ruled by the moon and those born under it are thus referred to as ‘moon babies
I was born on July 10. I’m a moon baby.
by forevelyn June 22, 2018
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I term of phase meaning awsomeness or greatness to one individual (but can only be used by someone by the african american race)
Carl-Hey is james pretty cool?
Deandrea- man... James is straight Baby blue moon jersey dog!!!!
by mr.stinson August 23, 2010
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