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Have you ever wanted to say something but did not have anything you wanted to say? Baboing (buh-boyng) is a substitute to regular words and does not have any specific meaning itself. Because of this it is not used in answer to a question, it is simply a word.

Often used by people who do not talk constantly as a way to use their voice even if they do not have anything specific to say.

It is not yelled or used repeatedly within a few short minutes or it would soon become overused.
1. A group of friends is walking somewhere (out to the car, around a store, etc...) 3 friends are big talkers and the fourth is not. the 3 talkers are not deep into an intense conversation and they stop talking for a few seconds. the fourth friend who hasn't been in the conversation says "baboing." Its not a conversation stopper, but it could be a conversation starter, or the conversation could just continue as it was.

2. You and your roommate are sitting in the same room being quiet, maybe your both browsing on your computers. One of you says "baboing." again it could be conversation starter but it doesn't have to be. It is simply a way to speak without having a reason.
by ImaPuff February 07, 2010
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