surprising or unexpected action or response to show that you are smarter than expected.
1.When he saw my work he was amazed. That was like a "Baam" on his face.
2.The kid asked me a baam question.
by simoncomeon December 28, 2009
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Baam is a title of a KPOP song by MOMOLAND
This song is so baam!
by KPOPplease September 26, 2018
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When your walkin with your friends and u see a hot ass girl you use the word baam loudly to let the girl kno your talking to her!
with friends some hot girl with a nice body walkin by you say baam!
by finne August 6, 2006
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An expression of extreme happiness after a tough task has been accomplished.
You have just sold another car for Evans Halshaw.
"Baam...take that!".
by oioipricey August 14, 2009
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1) shiznit sound when the mic of rap battle screeches

2) a really cute girl at the IA that is the least ghetto person I know
Yo, yo, yo...this is <screech - Baam Wack>...

Hi, my name is Baam Wack and I'll be teaching econ today!
by sexxmaster shizzlemah April 28, 2005
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1. A famous tree in Italy.
2. Metaphore for a dick
1. Tourist: Let's visit the baam!

2. Girl: My boyfriends dick is such a baam!
by Lady Gagas cat November 27, 2017
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