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Boner Without Reason. A sudden and unexpected boner occurring at random, typically happens following puberty. BWR may be caused by stimulation but typically happens with no sue whatsoever.
I wore my tight jeans to school, and the bus ride home was extra bumpy. I had to stay seated and miss my stop bc of my BWR.
by BigD987 February 19, 2012
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Beat. Weep. Repeat.

The mourning period after something has gone horribly wrong.

Used to describe someone who's life is going through a challenging time.
'Peter went on a 24 hour BWR session after he found out his girlfriend cheated on him.'

Mike: Hey man have you seen Preston?
Jason: Yeah he's BWR'ing in his room because the test results came back positive
by Bonerjams 9000 September 20, 2010
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An acronym for Beat. Weep. Repeat. The practice of masturbating, crying because you just masturbated, and then masturbating again to make yourself feel better. An action typically performed by men who receive minimal to no female attention and often use their tears for lubrication.
Since Deltondo always strikes out at Woody's anyway, he just decided to stay home and B.W.R. it up
by bloodninja20 September 20, 2010
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"Buy it, wear it, return it"

A common practice among women who love new clothes, until they return them for a refund to BWR more clothes.
I loved that top, had some great times out in it, but I just BWRed it since I don't have the cash to keep it.
by Christopher M. Mahoney October 19, 2008
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An acronym for "Big White Raisin", which is slang for a large uncircumsized penis. (Named for the striking resemblance of a raisin to a wrinkly dickflap)
When Missy realized that she was touching Aaron's B.W.R. instead of a large dried fruit, she screamed and quickly scampered away.
by wandavelma3 May 24, 2008
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bwr = brick wall response

the act of responding using "..." thereby basically ending the thought that someone was trying to convey
Sam: Yo man that party was sick.
Scott: ...
Sam: Wow, what a bwr.
by Brick_Wall_Response June 14, 2009
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