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Bump to Top. BTT simply adds a posting to a forum thread to show activity, thereby moving it to the top of the list of threads in that forum.
For instance, if a discussion thread has been inactive for a week, it can get moved down in the list or onto subsequent pages. Any activity in the thread will move it back to the top of the list.

Posters may just want to do that and will post a BTT.
by Joe Ferrante October 15, 2003
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BTT is the shortened version of The Bad Touch Trio

The Bad Touch Trio is a trio from the anime and manga Hetalia: Axis Powers. The BTT consists of France, Spain and Prussia. Sometimes referred to as Francis, Antonio and Gilbert if your using their human names. The 'Bad Touch' is talking about their flirty and slightly perverted attitudes.

Some people say make jokes that they are the 'Wierd Laugh Trio'.
Germany: Prussia! Stop having Bad Touch Trio meetings!
Prussia: Never! Kesesese! The BTT will live forever!
by TaintedClouds June 03, 2017
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Boy Toy Tuesday...the guy that's not really your man but your bed bubby from time to time or some you wouldn't mind being your bed buddy :-)
Post your pic of your play thang...a male that is younger than you, that u are smashin and that is your BTT
by funsizehotti July 14, 2014
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guyA posting in a book forum: "I hate all of you. Go to hell. But btt: I like books"
by jitta March 30, 2009
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Blunt-Testicular-Trauma: The reception of pain in the pelvic region of a male. Typical trauma is caused by the foot or fist of another person or it can be incurred by one's own stupidity.
"I will BTT you all until you die."
by Phil Tickelson April 14, 2010
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stands for Bikini Training Time. The period before the summer when women try to diet and slim down so they look good in their bikinis.
Allison had put on a lot of weight during the winter, so she had to do some BTT.

I can't eat those chocolates. It's BTT!
by fist_of_justice April 14, 2009
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Bright Tongue Thing - derived from Bright Young Thing. Having an interest in tongues of celebrities.
"She's obsessed with David Tennant's tongue"
"I know, she's like BTT"
by mooseymoo January 24, 2008
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