Boiler the fuck up

-As in, Purdue Boilermakers
Holy shit, we just beat Notre Dame 47-16, BTFU mother fuckers!
by Kyle K. October 14, 2004
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A Delaware native acronym for Bagging The Fuck Up.

Similar to Cracking the fuck up.

It's used to express laughter in an uncontrollable manner.
Some lesbian was talking shit at the bar so I threw a drink on her. The bouncer asked me why I threw the drink on her and I said " because she looked thirsty" I was BTFU
by mmhmthatsright86 June 25, 2012
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Hey, Let me get a slice of your pizza...

Yo, BTFU, wash your dirty hands first.
by B-More Damiano February 22, 2011
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Wow, Patrick is such a bitch, he really needs to BTFU.
by m1ch November 12, 2011
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