Whoa Man, this Comment is getting a lot of replies. Better BTFU
by Gorillazfan23 July 18, 2018
Get home from work, crash face down on sofa, raise one hand and shout in cushion muffled voice "BTFU" to other half/kid/lodger, who rushes to kitchen to make emergency cup of coffee to revive you in time for the evening.
by Nobody'shome83 July 29, 2011
Blow the f*** up!
by vja February 12, 2010
Blown The Fuck Up
mainly in use for Americas Army players online
you were btfu you nubcake
by -=GsM=-Tanky October 23, 2006
An acronym or abbreviation used for "Back The Fuck Up" meaning 'I Told You So!', 'Back The Fuck Up!' (in an angry sense), or 'In Your Face!'
person 1: Dammnn, shawty does have a nice ass!

person 2: exactly.. now btfu
by Tbaby February 7, 2012
Boiler The Fuck Up

suck it up and get it done damnit!
Its 11 in the morning at Jakes Bar (or bar of choice)

guy 1: cant finish the rest of my beer
guy 2: btfu, we gotta leave for the football game in a minute
by petesblackbrother June 14, 2007