bagging the fuck up
A Jersey saying meaning there laughing same as ctfu (cracking the fuck up) just different saying
person 1- “somebody through a book at the teach head”

person 2- “ik i seen that shit i was btfu, shit was really the bid
by btfuuuu718818 September 16, 2021
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An acronym used in Delaware in similar fashion to “ctfu” meaning “bagging the fuck up” or laughing hysterically
Bul on YouTube really the bid, he got me btfu!
by MakeMoreMoneyRiv December 31, 2021
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Bricked the fuck up - u know what i mean lol
i’m btfu right now
by kennybenner January 1, 2022
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person 1- “somebody through a eraser at the teacher head today in class”

person 2- “ im btfu ayo yall drawn”
by btfuuuu718818 November 9, 2021
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