It is used to refer to spending a lot of money, making a mess, or stuffing up very badly.
Oh man, I really did a BP on that one. (I really stuffed up.)

It's going to take me all day to clean this mess up. It's a real BP!

Tidy up your room! It looks like BP was in it!

No, I didn't pass the exam. In fact I made a complete BP of it.
by peridos June 18, 2010
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The word ‘BP’, which is often referred as the currency used in PUBG, which actually means ‘Butt Plug
by MartianBaby May 11, 2018
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Brass Plum. Fashions for teens at Nordstrom.
Compare prices on BP-shoes, Women's Boots and save.
by NakoTaco January 19, 2009
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Abbreviation for bipolar disorder. Further specification may be added to the diagnosis with roman numerals I through VI.
"She's been diagnosed with BP II."
"Ahhhh. THAT explains it."
by lp March 24, 2005
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BP is an acronym for "Booty Pic". This is when you sneak pictures of "the booty". In other words taking pictures like a creeper of someone's ass.
"Hey John see that girl over there? Get a BP of her." *John looks at the girl* "Steve." "Yes." WE'RE IN A FUCKING MALL STEVE." "And?" "BP's are better at Starbucks."
by TheCaffeinator February 12, 2015
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Stands for blonde pubes and means they probably have blonde puebes. BUT… they still smoking hawt and the goat at football
Omg I wanna smash he is definitely BP
by TSizzleBlondepubes September 30, 2021
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