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Drag Racing chick that does way to much burnout while testing the Hiside chip.
BOQ an acronym for Burn Out Queen.
Hey, watch this chick check her valve clearance on this burnout. What a BOQ.
by XRacerX March 02, 2009
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BOQ (BEE OH CUE)Noun, Bitter old queen. A person who has reached an age beyond 25 and has no significant other and hates life because of the aforementioned fact.
He hated life becasue he was such a BOQ.
by Buzzckr June 22, 2003
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A guy that goes 0 to 100 real quick - usually starts by asking "what's the plan?" Often trying to catch up in a short amount of time because he missed pre-drinking with his friends. There's no telling what he will do when he gets to BOQ level.
Damn, is BOQ coming out tonight? Heard he wants to get lit with the homies.
by Jigglepuff1 March 22, 2017
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