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a blackout queen is the ultimate party girl. she is beautiful, she is wild and most of all, she always knows how to have a good time. she is a pathological prankster and will do just about anything to jump start the party.
a blackout queen is is what you get when you cross a drunk chick with sherlock holmes. to solve the mystery that is herself, she must piece together clues from pictures, texts, her call log, bruises, accounts from friends, blog entries and any other means possible.
her motto is "blackout or get out!"

she is fabulous.
so apparently last night i slapped a stranger, reparked an abandonned running vehicle on a different street, took a ride with a guy on a motorized wheel chair and won the grand prize at a japanese karaoke contest. just another day in the life of a blackout queen!
by April 28, 2011
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