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Some one who appears from no where,can be for any particular reason,then is gone,just like that..
Can be used as plural for more than one person ( BLOW iN'S )
This word is not to be associated with the homeless or anyone down on their luck.
All the scum in the Valley blow in one day,cause their shit, and then are gone, like dried dog shit blown away with the wind.
by GS71 November 14, 2016
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Irish term for a person from another town settling in another town near by normally.
Rachel there, shes a blow in from Kilkeel. Tom, Seamus and Aine are blow ins also from Co. Armagh.
by dragonflyNIone September 20, 2014
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We got a blunt and we were blowin' last night.

I'm about to be blowin' this line.
by NatureLover111 October 10, 2006
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like chime in. To come from no where and bud in the coversation like you were the one in i saying something totaly stupid and unrelated to the coversation.
Arrive, especially unexpectedly.
We'll say u'r in a Train saying a joke to friend then a old lady turns and says to u, 'I heard that one in my day' and laughs, what a blow in.
Or someone uninvited rocks up to your party acting like they've being there from the start, look who just blowed in.
Your playing football with u'r mates and 3 guys, nobody knows, starts playing, what blow ins.
by Frank Fichera May 16, 2006
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To be aggetated by someone or something; irritated, annoyed. Origination Washington, DC.
1. Why you keep comin' at me like that - young, you blowin' me.

2. My car is blowin' me cause it won't start.
by Melody301 September 13, 2005
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