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It Means bad kid random. This is used in video games when a person gets a random kid on their team and he is bad at the game.
Look at this BK Randy on our team, he is so terrible.
by Kyle Hamad February 05, 2009
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BK = Bad Kid

Randy = Random

A BK Randy is a person who sucks at a video game, particularly Halo 3.
"Look at SUP3RB1K3! What a fucking BK RANDY!"

"OMG, I was playing MLG and I got this fucking BK Randy on my team. His gamertag was SUP3RB1K3."
by Some BK March 14, 2009
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A bad kid or B.K. who you randomly get matched up with on a video game server like Xbox Live. Usually not a contributor, in fact most of the time they are annoying and useless. They are usually annoying and trash talk and use profanity to make up for their lack of friends and sexual insecurities.
Dude! On MLG match making last night I got paired up with this 'RFX Amplified' B.K. Randy!
by Jabadapollard February 18, 2009
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A bad kid who is randomly on your team usually in a video game such as cod or halo.
Dude whos mintyfresh23 he is such a bk randy.
by jack substance March 07, 2010
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bk = bad kid

randy = random

bkrandy = bad kid random
Idiot: "I haven't played this game since 2004, but I'm still cool right? Here I'll prove it by giving away free stuff that I cheated to get!" GoaT: "Shut the fuck up you bkrandy ass nigger."
by Blade_Ace_1991 February 19, 2011
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