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Adjective used to describe when someone's words are exceptionally hurtful, cruel, or insensitive. Applied to a situation/remarks through ownership: your, his, her ; "Your biting tongue," "he has a biting tongue."

Definition of 'BITING' as an adjective: vicious, harsh, cruel, savage, cutting, sharp, bitter, scathing, caustic, acid, acrimonious, acerbic, stinging; vitriolic, hostile, spiteful, venomous, mean, nasty; informal bitchy, catty. ANTONYMS mild, gentle.
"When provoked, he had a biting tongue."

"Her biting tongue became more vicious after a few beers."

"Your biting tongue caused an uncomfortable atmosphere after your argument with the waiter."
by Scarysmurf April 01, 2010
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