Term used to describe someone copying something or someone else.
Aw, I know you aint wearin the same turtle neck I got on right now. Daiyam, quit BITING OFF me, dawg!
by Joshiro007 February 18, 2003
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finishing off a pack of cigarettes. When you are down to the last few and smoke them to be done with the pack so you don't have to carry around a pack with just one cigarette. Commonly used in New England and the North East.
Sara and Jordan smoked the last two cigs, they were biting off the pack.
by Karoline R April 13, 2007
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Try to do more then you can handle.
You might bite off more than one can chew if you I take a second job at night.
by Golden Lotus August 15, 2014
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To overreact to a trivial mistake another person does.
<Person A> Excuse me, where is the bathroom?
<Person B> What are you, lazy? Why don't you just look for it yourself, instead of asking some random person where it is? People like you are the reason America is known as the laziest country in the world!
<PA> Geez, what's your problem, you didn't have to bite my head off!
by gs68 September 25, 2004
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To over-charge someone for goods or a service. To inflate a pre-arranged price in an underhand way.
"We'd agreed £200 for the land survey but when I got the bill they'd put it down as £280. Is that normal?

No mate, I think they're trying to to bite your knob off!"
by carlosfortuna October 10, 2011
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Well, this should be a non-literal phrase. It means to be mad and irritated at someone, so you might want to do something to get at them. If they actually mean it... well, take good care of your head.
Definition (literal) of: Bite someone's head off:
Person(?) 1: That guy is annoying.
Person 2: Yeah, sure is...
Person(?) 1: I'm gonna bite his fucking head off.
Person 2: Go for it!
Person(?) 1: ...
Person 2: Oh, you meant literally...? WAIT WHA-
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When you are really really really really really mad at someone
If you don't stop I'll bite your face off
by Santaclaus7 August 29, 2015
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