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Best Friend of the Office; Your best friend at work whom you normally would not be friends with outside of work; A BFF, but only at work.
Lisa: "Hey Marlon, are you going to hang out with Jeff on Thursday night?"

Marlon: "Hell no, he is just my BFO. We don't hang out outside of work."
by LisaBisa28 April 14, 2009
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Boys from other schools. Pronounced like beef-o's. Made popular by Tina Belcher on the show Bob's Burgers. BFOS are more attractive since their reputations are unknown to girls from different schools.
Bob: What are BFOS?

Tina: B.F.O.S, boys from other schools.

Linda: What's wrong with the boys from your school?
Tina: I need fresh faces...and fresh butts.
by queenkathleen June 25, 2014
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Bildet for oppmerksomheten
Hei noen som vet om et sted å shoppe i Oslo? Bfo (random bildet under innlegg)
by pineapplebitch April 13, 2015
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BFO: Brazilian Food Orgy.

Lunch or Dinner commonly consumed in Southern Brazil, in the form of an unlimited, obesity-inducing buffet of orgasmic proportions, eaten regularly (aka every day).
"Hey Luan, I really feel like gorging my face with food."
"We should head down to the BFO down the street then."
"Which one? There's ten of them on this street."
by djwanker October 02, 2014
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Back the Fuck Off

A socially acceptable/reasonably polite acronym a guy or girl can either text, message, or say to a person that persistently hits on them without a clue as to how disinterested they are.
Nah, girl. I told him to BFO, so I'm done with that shit.
by IUarileya January 10, 2011
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"BFO" or "Blinding Flash of the Obvious" is when you suddenly realize how absurdly simple the answer to a problem or situation is.
I just had a "BFO", I am a Geek!!!
by Dale Sanford January 11, 2006
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B.F.O. is a acronym for ‘BIG FUCKING ONION’ describing the size of the Northwest onions compared to the east coast onions.
I'm making Corn Chowder and I'm not sure if it needs this much onion... I mean, this is a B.F.O.
by spoken_deity September 04, 2008
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