A female who constantly thinks everyone is better off than her. All she does is whinge, whine,complain and blame everyone else for her life.She has 24/7 PMS.She hates everyone, especially females.She steals husbands and boyfriends.She puts everyone down, swears at her children,is a tight arse with money.Never visits her mother in a nursing home.She doesn't keep friends or jobs as everyone can't stand to be near her for more than a minute.
by xena100bc June 2, 2006
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Bitch From Hell: a lebanese prostitute ..
Be careful of the bitch from hell she will drag you to hell if you try any shit on her,order your murder,is a gangster slut is so full of cum she almost look white..I MEAN WTF?
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the ultimate in cunt. a person so terrible and atrocious she ought to be killed. someone so awful they couldn't have possibly been spawned by human beings.
that jessica is one psycho bitch from hell.
by Sarah Lea November 10, 2007
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Someone so unhappy with themselves that they must find fault with everything, besides themselves. Someone who has to complain about every little thing, even when nothing is wrong. A total cunt.
Debra wants to run your life; she is a psycho bitch from hell.
by incowgnito May 25, 2012
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She is a worse version of Pony girl from hell, she will haunt your dreams. She is evil and a fake bitch that can't be single.
Yo Linda is such a pony bitch from hell, she can't stay single for more than 1 week.

yo I didn't expect her to look like a pony bitch from hell.
by timmychelemet January 29, 2022
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A crack whore bitch from hell embodies not only the skank of a crack whore, but also the added character flaw of being a bitch from hell. In both hierarchies of whores and bitches, this is the second lowest rank.
Shut up, you crack whore bitch from hell! Nobody likes you!
by Persephone78 January 14, 2010
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one whose bitchiness surpasses the realm of this world; a bitch who has spawned from the depths of hell.
"That bitch ass from hell cut me off!"

"That stupid bitch ass from hell can kiss my ass"
by Sadra August 25, 2006
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