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In reference to Best friend forever, as in the commercial...
Mom: Who are you texting so much?
Girl: I DK, my BFF Jill

Anyone you hang around a lot, for work related reasons or otherwise, even if they aren't your best friend.
RIck: AnnMarie, where is your BFF Jill?
AnnMarie: I don't know. I feel lost without her, we've got to get this project done for Monday.
by Lanny123 June 16, 2007
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hold out your right hand in front of your face, fingers spread out, palm away - the fingers of your hand should spell out "jill" respectively; referred to when someone is suspected of masturbating
you were in your room for awhile. spending quality time with your bff jill?
by dulcedelecheistheshiit December 16, 2008
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your best friend forever
sometimes named juill
from the cingular texting commercial

mom: " you have you been texting 50 times a day?!"
stephanie: "idk, my bff jill?"
by clairerocks June 12, 2007
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1- A person you consider your friend, but not your most favorite person.

2- secondary bestfriend.
"I was at the mall the other day and saw my bff jill. i was dreding every second of that hideous conversation."
by Kay Luh September 11, 2007
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