- BFD, a shortened form of the phrase "Big Fucking Deal" or "Big Freakin' Deal" used in online chat
- BFD, an annual alternative music festival hosted by the radio station Live 105
- BFD, a software instrument program produced by FXpansion
- "Brute Force Detection" software
I just went to BFD '07 and it was AWESOME!!!!
by Amachi October 21, 2007
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Guido 1: "Heyyyyy whadda you have for cooookin last'a night?"
Guido 2: "Some ole' BFD is what I hadddd"
by johnfootpenis July 31, 2009
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She told her friend that her date had a BFD and knew how to use it
by Big_Daddy_O February 02, 2017
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