Main rapper of the kpop group ATEEZ . Looks intimidating but is the softest, most precious and ethereal angel on earth, voice deeper than the Mariana Trench , most handsome man alive with beautiful features, best rapper in kpop and yunhos official hand holder no one can change my mind bye. Y’all better stan him cause he deserves the world and only the best ! FIX ON bitches.
Person 1: "have u seen ateez’s performance?"

Person 2 (probably a mingi stan): "HELL YE!! I couldn’t stop looking at Mingi aND OMG HIS DEEP VOICE JDBUSJHD HE CAN STEP ON ME !!1!1!1!"
by hakuna matatayo July 19, 2019
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The softest baby boy you’ll ever meet.. STAN ATEEZ
by Atiny October 15, 2019
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A little sunshine who makes you have better days. You can trust on him when you are feeling low but he sometimes lies. He's also an angel who fell from the heaven where his wings were cut at heaven's hospital.
It is also a person who hates English and he dreams with being a fashionista and a leader.

He will conquer the world with his cuteness (Minki).

His duality kills.

Universal Star

Fix On
Mingi said to the pharmacist "I cannot Englishy".
Mingi is a cool guy.
by atangledgirl June 15, 2020
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Oprah's Happy place, Aka Oprahs Vagina. Best friends with Gary the Asshole.
You are acting like a big mingie today.
by brizzz September 15, 2006
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rapper, dancer, composer, fanshion model, a genius and a small baby from the kpop group ateez.

protect him, is a beatiful men with a big heart.
by hwanista October 24, 2020
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The name of Oprah's Vagina in the recent South Park episode "A million little Fibers"
Mingy - "She hasn't played with me in years, not even a pinky"
by Robert P April 20, 2006
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Smaller than normal, stingy, unsatisfying in amount, or cheap. Usually used to describe a serving of drink or food. Dublin, IRL
One ounce of gin in my G&T?! What a mingy portion!
by moots May 29, 2007
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