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BFC stands for Big Fucking Can, the 32 fluid ounce size of Monster energy drinks. For now they come in the regular flavor and the Heavy Metal flavor.

For an experimental user of energy drinks: something too tough to handle.

For regular users: a challenge to finish, bragging rights sold seperately.

For pre-occupied users: screw sex, they'd pop one over busting one.

For addicts: drinking 3 daily might as well be The Eleventh Commandment
The crew was good to go clubbing, they'd all had BFCs before they left for the night.
by Sid Barrett May 21, 2008
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Batman’s Floppy cock.

First shown in Batman Damned #1
“Yo I took a GOOD look at the BFC last night”

“Batman’s floppy cock?”

That’s the one.”
by MrMaldark March 08, 2019
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BFC stands for Big Fat Cock

bigger fatter cockier

biggest fattest cockiest

the term was originally created after people realized cock's needed a better description than cagey, or tasty. BFC is the international man standard. Whisper BFC to a true man and he'll realize what you mean.
Hot Chick:"Damn Dale, Hayden and Jason sure have bfc's. big fat fucking cock."

Wang: you like big fat cock?

Hayden: sure do!

Dale: My BFC was too heavy and broke my leg
by whalemeallover February 14, 2011
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a Best Friend Crush, which originated at the greatest camp on earth, camp louise. most girls have BFCs on the CITs or CAs.
Oh my god *insert Jewish name here* is soooo cool when she leads Havdallah. She is totally my BFC
by camplouiseislife May 26, 2011
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Big Freaking Can
These 3 letters are on the Monster 32oz Energy Drink.
Mahrlo: Ey dude, check out my Monster drink it's a bfc!
Francis: Daaamn, the 32oz?
Mahrlo: Chyeah boyy.
by CN-FTW October 14, 2007
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"Bad for Chart". Refers to the poor quality of an addition made to one's hook up chart. A hook up chart is a web connecting all the people one knows that have hooked up with each other. Attractive people or hilarious characters would be good for the chart (GFC), and the ugly and unpopular would be bad for the chart (BFC).
"I went to the Mexican restaurant last night an hooked up with an unknown middle aged man. I think that's BFC. Let's not discuss"

"I can't believe those two hooked up. It was so BFC that I'm going to pretend it never happened and it will not be put on the chart"
by Cat Baker July 07, 2009
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