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Big Dick Mother Fucker. A man who has been blessed with a larger-than-average size penis
I'm sprung on my ex still. He was a BDMF. Too bad he was such as asshole
by oldriverschoolroad August 25, 2007
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1. Acronym for "Big Dumb Mother Fucker"
2. N. A big/strong man who extravagantly overdoes simple activities, especially in the gym.
Look at the guy over there leg pressing 1000 pounds for 8 reps; hes such a BDMF.
by D Durz Rhodes August 20, 2010
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Broke Dick Mother Fucker - someone who has no money. Oftentimes a deadbeat or someone seemingly perpetually broke.
I'm not going to give that up a test drive. He's a BDMF.
by Joe250 April 29, 2005
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Behind-the-Desk Mother Fucker

Usually applies to the upper level of the big corporations that only know how to makes more money without giving a damn to their employee that are helping them to make more revenue. In general, they only see the numbers of their revenue, and don't even bothered to remember the names of the employee.
Those BDMFs are trying to maxed us out again!! Let's go strike!!
by Polyshot November 15, 2004
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