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Acronym for "Ballerina Difficulty Index."

The Ballerina Difficulty Index is a spectrum of difficulty based on the extreme talent it takes for one to become a professional ballerina. The scale ranges from one to ten, with ten being the most difficult. The index was first coined by world renown sailor Jordan W. (surname redacted to protect his innocence).
"Dudes, the anchoring in Isla Mujeres sucks. Getting a good set is like, difficult. Like 8.3 on the BDI difficult. But after you do it five times, it's like, not that difficult."
by Rob_S May 12, 2018
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An acronym that stands for "Big Dick Incoming". Used commonly in online games to express impending danger, domination, etc.
Nice guys! I just got enough kills for a nuke! BDI!!!
by June Saten May 04, 2011
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