Boss Ass Bish

A badass boss chic that owns her stuff and carries herself well
Look at Sharon, she's a BAB
She is such a Boss Ass Bish

I admire that Boss Ass Bish
by Anon 2020 February 04, 2020
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Lol get reqed gitgud_hornet you just got played like a fiddle
Babs destroyrd gitgud_hornet
by Ebonysword December 04, 2019
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Girl that’s a B.A.B on your head!

When you have braids in , you should wear a B.A.B to protect your hair at night.
by Honeycurlzz September 29, 2020
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Something you call your signifIcant other, its like babe or baby. Except it sounds a small bit childish when you say it
Person A: *gives hugs and pats*
Person B: thAnKs bAb
by Lemonadw February 15, 2019
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"This bitch was sober as fuck but still gave me a nice bab session at the club."
by Ynklifeshit July 10, 2017
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