An extremely big person or thing. Could also mean they eat more than a normal person.
"I'll take 8 soft tacos, 12 hard, and 4 large Cokes."
"Damn thats a B-on-B!"
by Corey Barnicle April 11, 2008
When you are so freaking bored you just type the same letter over and over for no reason
A: “Bro I’m bored…”
B: “Just type b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b on your keyboard over and over to see google’s auto search.”
by ThatDudeOnCrack September 13, 2022
Boob to Belly Ratio.

Applies to both women and men. Scientists however have not come up with an optimal numerical number for such ratio, but are working with mice.
Times are dangerous. With the cold weather, all the layers of clothing are clouding our judgment and views of the B to B and L to L ratios.
by KaptainKorea December 18, 2010
When we stayed at the B and B in rural England, the owners kept trying to sell the building to us.
by Samantha Smythe June 29, 2005
Shorthand phrase for "In the butt, no babies," referring to the use of anal sex as contraceptive.
Noah: "Aren't you worried about knockin' her up?"
Karl: "Nah, brah! In the b, no b's!"
Noah: Werd!
by Capt. Fantasy August 18, 2006
A word used in the college Greek system, stands for Bros and Bitches / Bitches and Beer. It's when a fraternity invites a sorority over to pregame before a party so that when the party starts up it's already bumpin with a lot of hot girls.
"Bro, when does our rager start?"
"11, but we got a b and b with Tri Delt before so get ready to spit some mad game."
by mrdeeds345 December 8, 2012
Joey: Whatcha trying to do tonight, the last night of our spring break trip in PV?
Joe: B a B in the B...its gonna be real real.
by jrp December 14, 2005