Also used by "downtown" residents in Vancouver, BC, Canada. As you have to take a bridge or tunnel to get downtown from many of the suburbs. Usualy used to make fun of a person who is B & T
"did you check out the B & T crowd at the movie tonight"
by jalear September 11, 2007
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Short for bitchtits. AKA Nick.
Fred: Hey what's up B-T?
Nick: Oh hey.
Ken: Hey man, his name is bitchtits.
by j123123123 October 17, 2011
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short for "by the way" dubbs mean W for way
oh b t dubbs, I cut some watermelon for your mom.


b t dubbs, I've had better


I just got out of the shower and b t dubbs I like your face
by sebastian123 June 19, 2010
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A slangified vocalization of the popular Internet-communication abbreviation "btw," which stands for "by the way." The "dubs" is a shortened "double-u," which takes too long to say.
"That, b t dubs, is why I am always careful in the bathroom at the Cedar Tavern."
by Schumonster June 08, 2006
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A b*t*h is usually a word people use to describe someone they hate. Someone who can't be trusted, a cheater, a liar, someone you just can't stand. They just make you really wanna kill them. Usually sluts, whores, skanks, people w/ bitchy attitudes, or even cheerleaders are often known as b*t*hes..

B = B
* = I
T = T
* = C
H = H
usually used for online chattin such as; msn, facebook, meebo etc..

{example 1}

yoo man have you heard about the new girl?? she's such a b*t*h !

{example 2}

kristy: yeaa she spread so many rumours about you

amanda: OMG whatta b*t*h

{example 3} and don't forget this one;b*t*h can also be used in a jokingly way

danielle: here's your birthday gift.. what do you think

roxanne: OMFG you didn't have to give this you b*t*h!

danielle: i knew you'd love it so.. yeaa

roxanne: OMG thank you so much!

drama queen crab judgemental attack beef liar
by bebegiirl August 05, 2010
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People, usually of the lame sort, that come to "hip" neighborhoods in Brooklyn to party on weekends. Oftentimes consisting of the same brand of chodery that takes over the L.E.S. on a Saturday night.
Sea isn't really that great, and furthermore, it's always filled with Manhattan B & T
by lexi_b November 28, 2010
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Roast Beef Thieving is the act of stealing Roast Beef from Arby's. A friend will park to far away from the window at the drive-thru and as the lady/man leans out the window to give them the food another friend runs from behind the car and swipes the food. As he runs and jumps into a third friends car the first friend complains that an unknown man just stole his food. That man recieves his food and you re-group with those who stole the food and that's what we call the double.
"So we were all hanging out late last night and got hungry but only had six dollars between us. So we pulled the R. B. T."
by Ballz00000 October 27, 2007
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