Barnes and Noble, fool!

That one store that's got books and shit. You know, the magical place where you're suddenly interested in books and then once you buy one you never look at it again.
"Dude, I went down to B & N and bought myself a mothafuckin' book, son!! I'm never gonna read that shit though"
by Joe ZZZ October 21, 2007
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The abbreviated version of Bloomington-Normal, twin cities in Central Illinois. Also, the name of a tanning salon: B-N Tanning.
How are things in B-N?

Mom, can you make me an appointment at B-N Tanning for after school?
by JessiEn May 7, 2006
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Bro 1: How was the walk of shame douche bag!
Bro 2: Haha nonexistent I pulled the B n' B boi!
*Bro Five*
Bro 1: Thats What I'm talking about!
by Weedy McRobeson March 26, 2010
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Barnes and Noble, A book store in which mo' urban dictionary is sold which is awesome
I just go 'mo urban dictionary from b&n which is awesome so I can always know what jizz means even when I'm not near the intarwebs. I can also look up what the intarweb is as well
by ANLNY UAGHN February 5, 2008
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A command used to make the word “bigger” look bigger on Discord.
Big discord message hack!
Step 1) Send a message that says “bigger”
Step 2) Send a mesaage that says “s/b/n”
Step 3) WATCH!
by GabDoddYT May 21, 2022
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Bitches and Hoes
Originated Woodbury, MN By P.M. flex
Call up those b's n h's
by rayray April 1, 2005
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