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The Elite Champion from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. However, in the extension, Pokemon Emerald, Wallace replaces him as Champion and instead he's a PedoStalker, who stalks the 10-year old player throughout the entire game.

He's uberly sexy, and I would do anything to get into his pants.

He's got a huge Stone fetish, and appeared in a single episode in the anime (Lance stole his spotlight during the Team Magma & Aqua thingy), but has a major part in the Pokemon Special manga, during the Ruby & Sapphire arc.

Can you believe he actually spent ages in Dewford Cave (in the anime) looking for a FIRE STONE? And Fire Stones can be BOUGHT in Kanto! You're not exactly that bright, are you, Steven? And he can't say he couldn't afford the fire stone, he's filthy rich.

Oh, and in Pokemon Platinum, he used to own the villa that you (the player) get in the Resort Area. Isn't that nice?

He's commonly paired up with:

Wallace (OriginShipping)
Brendan/Ruby (IshiShipping)
May (HoennChampionShipping)
Scott (PedoStalkerShipping - I'm not lying, that's the name)

...and just about any other character and/or Pokemon in the canon.
Fangirl 2: I agree, Steven is uberly sexy. But I'm a HoennChampionShipper
Fangirl 2: k, that's nice
by ValeriaAtWhitby August 23, 2009
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The third and best book in the famous Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

We meet Sirius Black (sex goddess! Fuck yea, best character fucking ever), and Remus Lupin. Both of them are orgasmic as fuck, and possibly the best characters in the whole series. This is the only Harry Potter book that does not include Voldemort himself as the "bad guy". Instead, Sirius Black, the eponymous prisoner of Azkaban, breaks out from the wizard prison, Azkaban, to supposedly go after Harry Potter and kill him. In reality, it's really Peter Pettigrew who killed all those Muggles and betrayed Lily and James to Voldemort, but everyone thinks Sirius is an asshole. When you actually meet Sirius, he's possibly the only character I ever actually fell in love with almost immediately.

LONG LIVE (irony ftw?) SIRIUS BLACK!!!!!


Oh, Lupin's cool too, but Sirius is still better.

READ PRISONER OF AZKABAN - BEST BOOK IN THE SERIES!! It's also the first one where Gryffindor wins the Quidditch Cup (to Oliver Wood's enjoyment). YAY!!!!

k that's it. ENJOY!!!
Person 1: Sirius Black for the win!!
Person 2: And Lupin, don't forget Lupin!
Person 1: Easily PoA is the best book in the series.
by ValeriaAtWhitby May 14, 2009
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An astrological prediction of someone's future based on the position of the planets and the signs of zodiac at a particular time and place
Person #1: What's your zodiac sign?
Person #2: Aquarius.
Person #1: What's your horoscope for today?
Person #2: *checks horoscope* Uh- it says I'll "get even with a rival before things got worse".
by ValeriaAtWhitby May 16, 2006
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A manga series from the early 90s by Kaoru Tada. It follows the love life of Kotoko Aihara (stupid girl) & Naoki Irie (genius) from confession to rejection, to marriage and beyond. The series spans many years, starting from high school, to college, and way beyond. However, the manga series ended at the worst cliffhanger possible because the author had to go and die. Whoopie fucking doo.

I don't give a fuck if you call it cliche, because it sure as hell can't be cliche if it's the damn series that created the damn cliches. AND unlike many shoujos, it deals with everyday relationship problems, unlike some other BS shoujo series that are unrealistic as fuck and take over 9000 fucking episodes to get even a damn hug from the opposite party. Wtf? Also, it goes past marriage and doesn't stop when the two characters get together, so you don't actually wonder if they'll break up later on. TL;DR: If you think ItaKiss is cliche, go fuck a cock or a donkey or whatever the fuck kids these days do.

The Taiwanese Drama based on the manga, It Started With A Kiss, was meh. It followed closely, but Yu Shu (Naoki) was a bigger dickwad in the drama than portrayed in the drama. ISWAK 2, though, showed Yu Shu more loveable than -his- manga counterpart in the second arc of the series. Wtf is this shit?

The 2008 anime series was fucking crack. Srsly, I was addicted to it and turned into a weeaboo faggot watching it. They cut off a lot of stuff from the manga (try cramming 23 volumes in 25 episodes). Go watch it bitch. NAO. It also has the author's planned ending in it, since her hubby knows how it was supposed to end and blabbed like a gold digging bitch to the producers the ending, which he probably wasn't supposed to tell considering it's been almost 10 years since the author died, and we only hear about it now. Either that, or he made it up. Whatever it is, I don't give a fuck. At least we get a closure.

The Japanese drama was filled with cock sucking failure. Don't watch it.
Person: Go suck a cock, and learn what the fuck you're talking about. Can a series that started the cliches -be- cliche?
Random Weeaboo: KAWAII DESU NEEE~

Example #2:

Fag: I watched ItaKiss and turned into a weeaboo faggot watching that series, spluttering random Japanese phrases. I also developed a crush on my school's asshole genius, and I'm hoping we'll get married and fuck later on like Naoki & Kotoko despite me being a failure in life.
by ValeriaAtWhitby October 4, 2008
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Commonly used as a male name, and can also be short for "Matthew".
Example #1: My name is Matthew, but call me Matt!

Example #2: I named your baby boy Matt.
by ValeriaAtWhitby March 29, 2006
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