an intelligent, indoors guy who may appear extroverted, but deep down is a massive introvert. he stays within his own friend circle, which may not even be large. he's smart, genuine, but also kinda slow. uses sarcasm a bunch and cracks a lot of jokes, which may land or may not. he's loving, and can be annoying at times, but know that it comes from a place of love and if he does it, he probably cares for you.
girl 1: yo you see that guy?
girl 2: yeah, he's caleel!
girl 1: no way, that's him? he looks so.. average.
by the guy that does people thing September 22, 2021
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He has a lot of hater and he's light shin and gets bitch but his friends says that he white shin but everyone knows that I can use that as average
by Light shin March 13, 2017
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