mexicant who needs to realize how lucky he is to be able to talk to people like rida. sped in most people’s opinions
stop being such an axel
by personthatknowsitall August 14, 2019
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The stereotypical ginger boy, he likes football. And many girls thinks he's really handsome,but among the boys he's the king.

Axel can be used instead of the word ginger
by ilovezlatan April 24, 2015
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a short man who looks like sid from toystory who has never lost his virginity and has a micropenis and and has the posability to be a homeless vietnam veteran in the future and nobody likes him cause he a short white cunt who thinks he's better than everyone.
damn dude ur dick is as small as an axel
by cg0000333 February 01, 2017
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Simply Just An Amazing Nice Sweet Guy With A Small Penis . Also Has An Extremely Handsome Jawline.
Man I Wish I Had An Axel!
by Billy bong man March 30, 2019
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Axel is a quite type of guy. A guy named Axel usually very liked traveling. He likes to hear other people's problems, and trying to help their problem by giving them advice that pertains to their situation. He also liked sports, Axel is so dominant at every sports. Probably one of the most funny and coolest guy you'll ever get to know.
Person 1: " Woah, that boy is so athletic! He is so cool!"
Person 2: "That boy? That's Axel!"
by 4dS_strike September 25, 2018
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