To agree in excitement or just to agree to something you have no idea about. (In a friend to friend conversation) NOT TO YOUR BOSS! please don't say it to you boss.
Friend 1 "Hey do ya want to go to see blah blah blah today."
Friend 2 "Awh yis."
Friend 1 " Awwwwwhhh yissss!"
Friend 2 "Yis."
Friend 1 "Awwwhhh yissssssssssssssss!!"
Friend 2 *death stares friend 1* "That's my word, DON'T USE IT!!"

Friend 1 "So were you even listening."
Friend 2 "Awh yis."
Friend 1 "Okay so should I do it."
Friend 2 "Hang on...WHAT?"
by queerunicorns April 13, 2015
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Mark showed his true e-awhe moves last night trying to pick up that hottie!
by dan March 7, 2003
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The word rotation commonly used by males actively particapitating in World of Warcraft raids while communicating with their girlfriends via telephone.
The following is a typical example of the 'Uh huh, oh, awh. I love you' sequence.

Girlfriend: My grandmother's coming into town this week.

Male: Uh huh... (boss at 25%)

Girlfriend: I don't think you're listening to me.

Male: Oh... (boss nearly dead; that shit better drop this time.)

Girlfriend: Jesus Christ! My grandma died three years ago, Chris!

Male: Awh... (That douche warlock better not roll....)

Girlfriend: I'm leaving you for your brother...

Male: I love you! (*Wins roll against that fucktard lock.*)
by katsnack July 8, 2010
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Your either saying Awh to a Chicken or you watch EllieKatPlayzYTand thats one of her friends nicknames which is THE WORST NICKNAME I HAVE HEARD but oh well not my choice
it means something Awh chicken is saying hi to a chicken
and saying awh
by Astractzz May 17, 2021
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The verb for "awh" as a expression of experiencing something cute
A: Did Sarah show you her new puppy?
B: Yes, its so cute, I was constantly awhing as she showed me
by /Insertusernamehere/ November 14, 2016
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she a very nice person, She defends her ibsf when a hater comes on her ibsf page purr. she don't play if you come at her she will put you in your place!!!
awh..kristal is so nice to me and so sweet.
by Deva silentbarney April 9, 2021
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When ur bf puts it in the wrong hole
"Awh shiet"
"Did Sully really do that to you?"
"Walkin funny for a reason..."
by SullySuxAtFortnite February 19, 2018
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