to be even more awesome than the person or thing that is awesome.
TJ is awesomer then katrina, who is awesome.
by katrina elise January 3, 2007
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Something that is more awesome than awesome but not awesome enough to be the awesomest.
Dude, that hoodie is so much awesomer than your old one.
by Jamie/baka January 8, 2009
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Noun. Derivative of "Awesome", used to assert ones awesome, or the awesome of an object. No to be confused with the adjective "awesomer".
I'm awesomer.

This pie is awesomer, get your mum to bake some more.

Your armpits are anything but awesomer.
by Nick August 9, 2004
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The Process Of Being Ten Times More Awesome Than Something Else.
"Escape The Fate Is So Much More Awesomer Than Fall Out Boy."
by ToriiDearrr April 19, 2008
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When one is comparing an "awesome" object or subject to another
Candace: Those shorts are way awesomer than those shoes.

Kim: Totally and completely agree! Way awesomer.
by Kristella May 8, 2008
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An adjective to describe a thing, person or place that is more awesome then the basic word, awesome
Jensen ackles is more awesome then the basic awesome, so he is totally awesomer!

Twenty on pilots is awesomer!!! They are so much better then the typical awesome!

Brendon urie's voice is so stunning and awesomer then awesome!
by Shiptheships June 19, 2017
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