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In the 2009 James Cameron masterpiece film, Avatar, "Awah" is the term used to describe Mother Earth, or a powerful life force/energy that runs through all living organisms.
They’re trying to find this lost and sacred site, which is somewhere on the planet. They know if they can find this sacred site they can sever the Na’vi bond with Awah. Awah is a spiritual gaya that’s almost like the brain of the planet. The Na’vi communicate very closely with Awah.
by amberenergy November 11, 2010
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awah - a quick way for lazy cunts to say wot the fuck r u talkin bout?
person1 - shup u crazy mo fo, imma kill u, u beta start runin foo

person2 - awah?
by gavier September 14, 2005
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Stands for Arts With A Heart.

AWAH is an arts production at Castilleja School for which all proceeds go to charity. In the past the charities have ranged from anti-bullying to helping the environment. The production includes a variety of art forms such as vocal performances, dances and films.
Hey, are you thinking about auditioning for AWAH this year? I did it last year, and it was really fun! I feel even better knowing that everything is going to charity!
by CSarts September 11, 2011
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