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Aviya is an AMAZING person who can light up any room once she walks in. She loves pizza and leaves the room mentioning it. She spills LOTS of tea (after she drinks it). She loves rom coms and will do anything in her power to make her friends watch them - she often succeeds. She has big dreams to travel to Switzerland, Fiji, Bora Bora, and all the iconic places around the world. Aviya is stunning and can get all the guys she wants! She is unforgettable and once you get to know her, she can be super sister sassy! Overall, Aviya is a smart, loyal, trustworthy best friend who you can go to for anything. I LOVE AVIYA!!!

P.S. Don’t call her “Vivi” unless you want to ruin your life forever and get on her last nerves and make her annoyed at you for the rest of your life *cough cough you know who*
Oh damn Aviya is looking like a snaccc
by Me1847 January 25, 2019
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chill stoner girl who is ambitious and gets good grades. dates my roommate and hooks it up with panera bread all the fuckin time, like seriously around 5 sandwhiches atleast
Yo check out all that grub, that aviya has the hook ups
by king420 February 28, 2010
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Aviya is usually a fat beautiful girl who loves eating fries she is smart funny and a weirdo from time to time. She loves warm milk and can never get enough of it. When you ask an Aviya to do something for you she will usually do it once then never again. Aviya is capable of doing anything but needs to stop being lazy.
Aviya loves to eat her fries
by ThatOneNigNog December 12, 2018
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