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Avaya-A EXTREMELY gorgeous girl.She is one of the most pretty girls you will probably ever see.She is very nice and sweet also.She can make everyone and anyone happy or laugh.She can make anyone laugh at the most random thing in the world.She is REAL romantic,athletic,independent,warm-hearted,honest, flexible, humorous,humble,hardworking,helpful,cool,cheerful,loyal,loving,gifted,hilarious,non-judging,liked,polite,smart,amazing girl you will meet.She is the perfect girl for any guy.She is an amazing girlfriend.She can be a little aggressive towards anyone if they do the wrong thing to someone or her.She is really good at sports,fashion,fighting,problems,and any drama.She gives good love advice as well.She is a little afraid to do some things too,She is afraid to do the wrong thing to someone or something sometimes.She hides her feelings well too.If something seems off,ask her and do until she gives in.Treat an Avaya with respect,she deserves it all.
“Look there is Avaya!” “I heard Avaya is coming to the party?!””Hey Avaya!!””Avaya,com on!!”
by _WHERE TF ARE THE AVOCADOS_ February 07, 2019
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Avaya, a nice young girl who is friends with everyone. She has nice long hair and wants everyone to like her.
by avahvsjkbwe January 22, 2018
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POS IP telephone system with poor sound quality and even worse technology and customer support. System always hangs up on customers.
Said by call center rep after phone disconnects a call: "Avaya con dios!"
by Dohmnuill December 30, 2004
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