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Avaya, a nice young girl who is friends with everyone. She has nice long hair and wants everyone to like her.
by avahvsjkbwe January 22, 2018
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Avaya-Avaya is a sweet girl,sometimes can be a little challenging tho.She is also a very funny,she will always get someone to smile when feeling down.Avaya is a beautiful girl with a big heart,she cares about everyone,but may hate someone or something for certain reasons.She is very popular,athletic,quiet and loud,cute,and independent.She wants to do everything on her own,no matter what it is.Avaya is always happy,but may be mad or sad,but nobody will really know cause she makes everything happy.If you make her mad you may see her bad side.Always respect a girl named Avaya,even if you hate her.
“Oh look it’s Avaya!”-Avaya is going to the party on Friday better come for fun!”-“Avaya please come over here.”-“Avaya is so popular,I wish I was her.”-“Avaya is so happy all the time!”
by Dakota Quinn Brown October 07, 2018
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POS IP telephone system with poor sound quality and even worse technology and customer support. System always hangs up on customers.
Said by call center rep after phone disconnects a call: "Avaya con dios!"
by Dohmnuill December 30, 2004
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Avaya-A very funny girl with a big heart.She is very independent and fun to talk to.She is warm-hearted,athletic (at some times),and she is everything a girl wants to be.She is very pretty,all the boys say she is hot and sexy.She loves drama and she loves to fix it and figure out what’s going on.She wants to know what people think of her to make her happy.She is the type of girl that boys fall in love with right away.There are many girls that are jealous of her.SHe a big to tits and a huge booty.Like I said everyone loves her,but girls can be jealous.
“Omg her tits are so big.””I wish I was her so bad””She gets all the boys””Why is she even popular””All the boys love her””OMG AVAYA IS HERE”
by Dakota Quinn Brown November 30, 2018
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