A game of guitar hero (any game), best of 3 songs on expert. Loser counters. Banned Songs: Buckethead - Jordan, Winner keeps Avatar, Loser gets a very embarrassing penis avatar.
Hey you stole my avatar! No I didn't! AVATAR MATCH ME! (They play and get results, One keeps the cool avatar... the other gets a very embarrassing penis avatar)
by FrenzieFool November 8, 2007
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The ultimate wake-up routine consisting of shower (water), drying your hair (air), making strong coffee (earth) and lighting a joint (fire). Specifically in this order.
Laura: How are you feeling this morning?
Josh: Great! Was difficult to get up but i'm ready to start the day after my avatar routine.
by vglleo November 23, 2021
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Some one that kills other peoples characters in games, or some one that is powerful enough to kill a god. In other words me lol.
avatarslayerr is such an avatar slayer
by avatarslayerr May 7, 2006
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A dead server, staff sadly still trying to revive but just cannot mostly because none of them know how to be safe on the internet and their server has been destroyed 3 times
Have you heard of avatar universe? that dead server sucks ass!
by aangwang April 27, 2021
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Catalog Avatar Creator is a game where you can make new outfits, find inspirations for your Roblox avatar, have fun, and more!
Catalog Avatar Creator is fun go check it out pls
by brothcube November 9, 2021
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Catalog Avatar Creator is a game where you can try on items, make outfits and have fun! Go check it out!
Catalog Avatar Creator is nice!!!!11!1
by brothXD November 11, 2021
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