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Piece of railroad equipment used to pull a train along the rails
Steam locomotives are better than diesel locomotives
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by ThatOneGuyWhoAteAllTheBeans November 19, 2020

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A place where I can not do shit without seeing something drug related or sexual. Marge Simpson? Apparently it’s a way to smoke drugs! Train? Apparently it’s when a bunch of guys form a line outside of a girls room to have sex! Shark? A way to have sex! GODDAMNIT JUST PUT A REAL DEFINITION!
Man, I can’t wait to go onto Urban dictionary and write about clouds somehow being fucking sex related! But how the fuck will I do that??

It’s urban Dictionary! I’ll find a way!
by ThatOneGuyWhoAteAllTheBeans May 21, 2020

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A hypocritical prison that tells you to be physically active and eat healthy, while at the same time they force you to sit for 6-7 hours straight and eat greasy, unhealthy crap for lunch
School is stupid, you don’t learn how to do your taxes or drive a car or buy a house. You just memorize crap that you forget immediately after the test and then pay off college loans the rest of your life.
by ThatOneGuyWhoAteAllTheBeans November 29, 2020

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A movie that when you hear of it you think “oh yeah didn’t that come out like 2 years ago?” Well no I fans out in FCKN 2009!! Feel old yet?
My god I feel old! Avatar cane out is 2009!
by ThatOneGuyWhoAteAllTheBeans June 15, 2020

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