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Avalyn is a beautiful girl. She is usually blonde, tall and confident. She's a natural athlete who is not the one to brag. She is humble when she is successful. She is absolutely halarious and a goofball. Funny and cute without trying. She looks great all the time and has adorable little habits. She doesn't believe you when ever you compliment her. Compliment her and it raises her self esteem even though she doesn't really believe you. A really good friend who truly cares about your feelings and will only talk about hers if you are close with her or you ask about them. She is a strong person who is independent and adventurous. She enjoys meeting new people and company of both people and animals. She has a passion for animals and travel.
Avalyn is so confident and caring
Damn look at Avalyns legs
Avalyn cares about my feelings and is detonated to having strong relationships.

Avalyn is gorgeous and doesn't even know it
by ...jay July 04, 2015
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A really pretty girl with a wonderful personality. Usually a blonde with beautiful colored eyes, tall, and loves to play. As a teenager Avalyn will be a sassy diva with a fierce image. Avalyn usually are flirty girls and love to cheer and do girly things. But when you get on this sweethearts bad side it's not so good. Better watch out because here comes Avalyn!!!
Avalyn is such a diva!
by Thotsondeck July 15, 2014
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Avalyn is thoughtful, different, she beats others by far, and cares for you in a way no one else does or ever will, She attracts all the boys but is too shy to talk to them, but they still all fall for her. She has a heart of gold, always smiling, knows how to make you smile, she has a charming, charismatic personality she is silly and very athletic. You never know if you are in the friend zone or not her flirty smile is everything. She is perfect, she is a ray of sunshine. She is loyal, and big on trust. She is beautiful, and can easily change people for the better, she can grab anyone’s attention, She is the best friend you will ever have, she puts others happiness and troubles before her own. She is the person you always want to be around, She is the girl you talked to all weekend because you never want the convo to end, she simply has that affect on you. She sees beauty in all, her beauty is all natural, she is usually short. She manages to make the cloudiest of days feel amazing no matter how gloomy you’re feeling. Everything is an adventure when your with Avalyn. She will make you feel like the happiest person ever. She is humble and worries for you when you are sad. She is independent, cute without trying, insecure but doesn’t show it, compliment her any chance you get. If you ever meet an Avalyn do anything possible to bring her in your arms and never let her go, keep her warm at night and if you like her do anything you can to make her yours, she is very rare.
Guy 1: I met this girl today and she was amazing! But I’m not sure if she likes me... she gave me this adorable smile!

Guy 2: bet her name is Avalyn

Guy 1: how did you know?
by Loved girl September 01, 2018
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Avalyn loves to makes friends but can be shy sometimes. She s beautiful but doesn’t realize it. When you compliment her she doesn’t believe you but she still feels proud. You are very lucky if you meet an Avalyn. She is understanding and kind. If you meet one, DONT LET HER GO!!!
Friend: wow, Avalyn! You did so good!
Avalyn: thanks. I think I did ok. *smiles*
by The cupcakes are real🍰 June 01, 2018
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<Avalyn> bugger off hippy

<Avalyn> ???
<Avalyn> ?!?

<Avalyn> damnit
by FiRe November 18, 2004
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